Turtle Creek

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Turtle Creek

Aerobie AeroPressI have been away from home for almost three months, and away from my roaster and green beans, which means I’ve had to deal with other people making (roasting) my coffee. The problem with that is that most of the time, it sits on a store shelf for much longer than it’s actually good for, so it’s not very fresh. In addition, most of the time I haven’t had my Chemex coffee maker.

Now that I have my Chemex, I decided to search for a local roaster. I didn’t have my hopes up, but lo and behold, I found one about 15 minutes away. Turtle Creek Coffee Roasters is located in Columbia, SC, in a small industrial park. It’s owned and run by Mick. During my last trip to pick up coffee, he showed me around and told me how he grew from hobbyist, to roasting in the garage, to finally getting his own place.

Mick is very knowledgeable about the whole roasting process as well as the huge variety of beans throughout the world. It was really interesting to talk to him. His “shop” is where he roasts, packages, and sells out of. It’s a one man show, but he manages to do a great job keeping everything together, when he’s not delivering to the local restaurants (www.turtlecreekcoffee.com).

So far I’ve tried the Panama and Daterra beans that he offers, and have enjoyed them both a lot. He sells to the general public as well as the local restaurants and businesses, so if you’re ever in the Columbia area, give Mick a call and try some of his fantastic coffee. When you’re there, ask for a sample of the coffee flavored candy he carries.

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