The Return of Sexual Chocolate

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The Return of Sexual Chocolate

Sexual ChocolateGive it up my friends for… Sexual Chocolate!

You might have thought yourself safe from that bygone era of really bad Eddie Murphy movies… some friends of ours (Eric & Nicki), were Coming (back) to America and brought my a little treat from Hawaii.

Fresh from the Coffee Gallery located in sunny Haleiwa, Hawaii this unassuming bag of coffee beans easily lived up to its Sexual Chocolate moniker.

The smell of this coffee in its whole bean state is almost impossible to describe. Imagine the smell of dark Godiva chocolate and mix it with the rich smell of fresh coffee.

But as good as it smelled, in the end it would all come down to taste…

Sexual ChocolateAs a lover of chocolate, I waited with baited breath as this coffee was brewing.. my wife’s normal sized coffee mug was dwarfed by my gigantic mug of doom (I believe it holds 7-8 cups of coffee)…

While its pretty hard to be disappointed by good cup of fresh coffee… its Sexual Chocolate nature was lost in the brewing process. There was but the slightest hint of chocolate, more like Vanilla Ice than Sexual Chocolate.

While disappointing in its chocolate taste, I will always love this coffee for the fond memory of the musical mastery of Sexual Chocolate that it invokes — Sexual Chocolate!

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