Smart Lids for Coffee

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Smart Lids for Coffee

Coffee brewing temperatures vary widely between brands running a gauntlet of temperatures. At 195 degrees, coffee can give third degree burns which is no laughing matter.

Smart Lids for Coffee

Everyone has different temperatures they like to drink their coffee at, my late Grandfather for instance insisted that it be almost boiling as crazy as that may sound.

Regardless of person choice, there has been but one way to know when your coffee is ready to drink — taking a sip. That was until the Smart Lid.

Smart Lid Systems is a Sydney based product development company whose focus is the commercial application of smart packaging systems.

Their Smart Coffee lid starts out a uniform brown color ad quickly changes to bright red when put on a cup of coffee.

If the lid is not put on the coffee correctly, the uniform brown ring at its base will turn red. After just a few cups of coffee a person will be able to gauge what color matches the temperature that he or she likes to drink their coffee.

I think this is a great product that I hope coffee houses and chains will adopt. Providing an easy to understand safety measure like this is more than worth any additional cost over conventional lids. And I am sure would be a welcomed whole-heartedly by their Legal departments.

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