Photo-Realist Art & Coffee

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Photo-Realist Art & Coffee

Art comes in many forms, varieties and subject matter. Occasionally, something coffee related makes its way into art. Maybe its a diner serving coffee like in Hopper’s Nighthawks, with its silver coffee urns that have the most detail of any object in the work. A subtle yet powerful dehumanizing effect in the work.

Ralph Goings

In the case of Ralph Goings, the focus of his photo-realist or hyper-realist art has on occasion coffee or coffee related items as its subject matter. As one of the founding members of the 1960’s photo-realist art group, Mr. Goings has continued to evolve and expand upon his already impressive abilities over the last forty years.

On Ralph Goings website he is quoted as saying the following about his work:

“My paintings are about light, about the way things look in their environment and especially about how things look painted. Form, color and space are at the whim of reality, their discovery and organization is the assignment of the realist painter.”

– Ralph Goings

I have always had a fond appreciation of photo-realist art. I’ve always considered my tendency toward it to be an indication of my inability to fully appreciate more abstract works. And that may very well be the case, what I do know is that I appreciate coffee, and when I run across something truly amazing that showcases it, I feel the need to share it with the rest of the coffee community.

If you enjoy these images, please do yourself a favor and visit Ralph Goings website, you will not be disappointed! Ralph has some great artwork for sale that any coffee lover would be overjoyed to own.

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