Paul Bunyan Knows Coffee

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Paul Bunyan Knows Coffee

Paul BunyanLumberjacks as I would come to find out, liked big meals and strong coffee. I recently did something that I didn’t think I would ever do — Visit Wisconsin Dells.

It never really was a conscious decision, its always just sort of been there. Growing up in Illinois we never went, we were Minnesota vacationers, we fished, we swam… well that’s really about all we did (It was a simpler time).

Over the years the Dells became akin to Branson in my mind, a place with a high cheese factor better left to Cheese Heads (I’m a F.I.B. so please don’t take offense) and those who love Yakov Smirnoff. And so, I decided never to go.

Well as luck would have it, we needed someplace close and relatively inexpensive to go (with our 5 year old son) for our 13th wedding anniversary. Friends had been hounding us for years to go to the Great Wolf Water Park/Lodge, so I begrudgingly agreed.

I was in for the shock of my life. The Wisconsin Dells is pretty damn cool, there is a ton of things to do and the water parks are amazing. What does this have to do with Coffee?

Nothing really, the coffee was good but it wasn’t the best I have had. What was mentionable about it was the character of the location. Fun places with interesting things to see!

Take the Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty — a breakfast location our Wisconsin friends said we absolutely had to try. Not a problem, we appreciated the advice. What they failed to mention was that it was an all you can eat restaurant!

Paul Bunyan

Inside of Paul Bunyan RestaurantAnd when they say all you can eat, they really mean it. Following the logger theme, the coffee was served in old fashioned metal cups. Something I didn’t realize at first was just how hot those cups get. Ceramic cups = Good — Metal cups = Bad. I can see how on a cold morning that might have been a benefit.

Then on our way home we came across a more traditional coffee house called the Highway 12 Internet Cafe. Can you believe I have only been in one Internet Cafe in my life? I just had to stop.

Highway 12 Internet CafeWhat made this place interesting was that it was inside an old church. Light streamed through the stained glass windows leaving the inside awash in a sea of color.

I believe I had the old faithful vanilla latte. My son had an ice cream cone which topped off his sugar level from the maple syrup infused breakfast at Paul Bunyan’s.

The coffee served here was thankfully of a much higher caliber than that offered at Paul Bunyan’s. I’d never actually tell that to his mythical face of course, I make it a rule to try and avoid pissing off axe wielding giants.

Internet Cafe WindowWe didn’t have time to sit and surf the web, but it was cool to find out that for every dollar spent, you received ten minutes of computer time. The terminals were neatly sunk into/under the tables.

So there you have it, preconceived notions about the Dells were smashed, diets were broken, hot coffee took on a whole new meaning in a metal cup, and a house of worship served me one of God’s great gifts — Coffee. It was a good anniversary.

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