Minas Coffee: From Bosnia with Love

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Minas Coffee: From Bosnia with Love

Minas CoffeeStraight from Bosnia comes the Balkan pearl, Minas Coffee. Minas Coffee is to coffee as tomatoes are to fruit. You may not recognize the coffee as such by taste or smell, but it’s a wonderful flavor unto itself. The Balkan coffee is a Turkish style grind which is ground to something akin to graphite. I presume the beans are probably robusta, but I can’t be sure. Their flavor is unlike anything I’ve ever had before.

Traditionally, you would put 2 teaspoons of this stuff into a pot of water and bring it to a boil very slowly. It’s supposed to froth at the top “thicker than blood” before it’s ready. Then you let the fine grounds settle to the bottom before drinking. That’s a thick Turkish cup for you.

I brewed Minas Coffee the same way I would any coffee in my paper filter brewer. It went without error and created a most wonderful aroma and cup of coffee. It’s the smoothest cup of coffee I believe you’ll find. I’m not a good judge of the caffeine quality from coffees anymore, but I can say that this one didn’t have me vibrating in my seat. That is to say, it doesn’t have an unusually high amount of caffeine in it. The downside - it’s a little difficult to get your hands on.

I was able to get this coffee from a local Bosnian food store in the Atlanta area, but I’ve since found a site that sells it online as well. Bosnian coffee has inspired poetry as well. I found a little piece on www.hollowear.com.

The very next gift you should buy an international coffee connoisseur is Minas Coffee. My personal guarantee is attached. If you don’t like it, send your unused portion to me!

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