Lavazza/Leibovitz 2009 Calendar

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Lavazza/Leibovitz 2009 Calendar

Lavazza/Leibovitz 2009 CalendarSlightly older news, but interesting no less. On October 14th Lavazza released to the world it’s 17th calendar. This years calendar features the art of famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. For those not familiar with Annie Leibovitz I highly encourage you to visit the wikipedia link, chances are you have seen her work and never known about it.

The seven photos shown below represent a theme of Italian style, the montage is meant to take the viewer on a journey through Italy and focuses on the unique culture and lifestyle that is Italy.

The style of Lavazza’s “Italian Expresso Experience” Calendar is unmistakably European, its sophisticated elegance easily meshes with the Lavazza image.

Lavazza coffee/espresso is slowly becoming more popular in the U.S., why I never had the opportunity to visit the Lavazza that was briefly opened in my area (closed, chewed up and regurgitated as a Starbucks), its coffee is quite good from what I have heard from friends.

Trying to find a link to a store that carried this calendar is providing difficult, if anyone is able to find one, please post a comment and include the link!

All Lavazza Coffee Calendars can be found here.

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