Konitz Chalk Talk Mug

Image credit: WeGraphics

Konitz Chalk Talk Mug

Konitz Chalk Talk MugLittle did I suspect, inside the artfully wrapped Christmas present from our good friends Phil and Shanin Erb was quite possibly the coolest coffee cup ever made.

The Könitz “Chalk Talk” mug is an unassuming black mug which true to its name, you can draw pictures on with chalk!

Now you may be thinking — Big Deal… but think about the possibilities my friends. In a bad mood? Having trouble finding that rare and hard to find “Piss Off!” coffee mug? Not a problem any more.

Have a budding artist in the family? Let them draw you a picture you can enjoy with your morning croissant.

The Könitz Chalk Talk Mug is made in Germany (Sweet!), and can be found on at www.mug-company.com.

If you are thinking about getting your favorite coffee aficionado a cup for Christmas, pass up the Lang Mugs and get them something unique like this mug! My humble thanks go out to Phil and Shanin for making my day!

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