Journey to Java-Juice

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Journey to Java-Juice

Java JuiceThe Saturday started like so many others – the sound of feet running down the hall, the elf-like agility of my son jumping into our bed and the crabby cries of our thirteen year old cat at the new, and now disturbing (to him) movement in our bed.

“What time is it?” I think, “Why can’t that kid sleep in?” I wonder. “Did I remember to set the coffee maker to auto?” I hope.

Eventually I give up all pretenses of my sleep continuing and extract myself from the warm comfort of my bed. As I descend the stairs my son and wife (Latte Lover) are already in a flurry of activity. This is way to early for such energy I think to myself.

“Want a cup?” she asks me. I grunt something and nod. One cup later (or was it three?) I feel human again, ready for my adventure to begin.

My destination for the day would be the Naper Settlement in downtown Naperville. A birthday party for my son (drop-off!) and a chance for me to experience Java-Juice, a coffee house I had heard about from our friends Megan and Mary (see Marytree).

Started in 1994 by the Pryor Family, Java & Juice Coffee (map) has served the Naperville, IL area selling and roasting coffee blends, juice and a variety of tasty treats and sandwiches. Always a fan of the independent coffee house, I had the perfect chance to try this coffee shop that received such rave reviews from both Megan and Mary.

With my son safely deposited at the party, I decided to walk — It was a nice day and it would give me an opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of the riverwalk and snap a picture or two.

In almost no time my eyes were drawn to a neon green coffee house sign and the whimsical canopy of the Java-Juice coffee house.

Entering Java-Juice the best way to describe it is cozy chaos. To the left, a long haired leaping gnome of a barista moved with confidence as he filled coffee and juice orders.

In no time I ordered a cappuccino and lunch. To the right of the entry is a small area where Java-Juice sells coffee and juice products. To the back is the main seating area that also contains their San Franciscan coffee roaster along with a variety of local art that is available for sale.

I chose to sit in the section by the coffee and juice products, mainly because it gave me the opportunity to sit back and people watch in all directions. My cappuccino while in the slightly annoying regular coffee cup (I prefer the giant cappuccino cup), had perfect foam. The kind of foam that you would swear you could drop a quarter on and it would not sink. As I sat and drank my cappuccino and ate my lunch I remember thinking to myself – why would anyone ever choose Starbucks over this?

As I got ready to leave I grabbed some of their signature “Wild Ass” coffee. As the description on the back of the coffee reads:

About “Wild Ass” — The French author Honor’e de Balzac reportedly had a habit of walking from one end of Paris to the other to purchase the three coffees – from three different shops – that made up hid personal blend. At Arbor Vitae we have the same single minded commitment to quality and have chose to name our original house blend and this line of coffees “Wild Ass” after his most noted book, “Wild Ass Skin”.

Java-Juice offers a wide variety of roasts and regions. I chose their “Black & Tan” roast that combines a blend of light and dark roasted beans. The coffee while not overly aromatic has a great complex taste without being overpowering.

I think it’s a great blend for a gatherings that have both diehard and social coffee drinkers. If you happen to be in the Naperville, IL area I hope you will give Java-Juice a visit, if you are interested in trying “Wild Ass” coffee, it can be purchased online here.

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