Folgers Vanilla Biscotti Coffee

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Folgers Vanilla Biscotti Coffee

Folgers Vanilla Biscotti CoffeeFolgers is name that has a long history in the world of coffee. We can remember the giant cans of coffee used by our mothers and still sold today. Folgers, while not the best coffee in the world by any stretch of the imagination holds a place in Coffee History.

Recently, Folgers has begun to focus more on the gourmet coffee crowd. Gourmet is used liberally here, but for Folgers, this coffee is gourmet compared to their usual fare. There is better coffee out there, but compared to say — Starbucks, this coffee is not half bad.

In an effort to get the word out about this coffee, the Folgers public relations people have been contacting coffee sites such as Brotherhood of the Bean, but they have also gone a step further — Made free coffee available to the consumer! By following this link, you can receive a free sample of either Vanilla Biscotti or Lively Columbian.

For the purposes of this review, we would like to focus on the Vanilla Biscotti coffee. Opening the bag, this coffee is very, very fragrant. It almost makes you wonder if the coffee will be overpowering when brewed. I read a review on another site that said this coffee can serve as an air freshener, and after opening a bag, I would have to agree.

When brewed, the Vanilla Biscotti coffee takes on a much richer combination of vanilla and coffee smells. We believe that enjoyment of coffee comes as much from its smell as its taste, and in this sense the Folgers Vanilla Biscotti does not disappoint.

From a taste perspective, this coffee is not what you would call bold, and it is not overly acidic in taste. Essentially, its a decent middle of the road coffee that will appeal to people who don’t like coffee with stronger taste elements. And to people who do enjoy the more complex coffees, its a decent choice for parties that need a coffee which will appeal to a wide variety of people.

Our advice — click the link at the beginning of this review and have some sent to you for free. At best you will get some coffee you might find that you enjoy, at worst you might get an occasional mailing from Folgers about new products.

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