Door County Caffeine Distributors

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Door County Caffeine Distributors

LeRoyWhile the family and I rushed out of the house for a three day weekend in Door County Wisconsin, we forgot something important. Not our kids, or toothbrushes, but our coffee maker. Normally I wouldn’t even consider bringing a coffee maker, but I’m using the AeroPress, so it’s small and very transportable. In addition, we’ve become somewhat of coffee snobs, so not just any coffee will do. Anyway, we were lucky enough to find a couple places to satisfy our coffee needs in Door County.

The first place we tried was LeRoy’s in Ephraim, Wisconsin, which is on the west side of the peninsula. LeRoy’s has been around for 14 years and is located right off the main drag in the downtown area. Now before you get too excited, know that it’s not a coffee house that you would frequent for poetry, lush leather chairs, or other such niceties in some coffee houses. That said, LeRoy’s offers a good variety of the most popular coffee drinks, brewed to perfection. In addition to drinks, they offer various pastries of all kinds. I was happy to find this place and will definitely return when back in Door County.

Our other caffeine joint we found was Dewey’s, between Gills Rock and Sister Bay, which is a little more north than Ephraim, near the tip of Door County. Just like LeRoy’s it’s not really a place to hangout, but does have good coffee. I had their house blend which is a combination of a light and dark roast from Zimbabwe and Columbia. They offer other coffee drinks, and have been around for four years. They get their coffee from a distributor in Milwaukee and had good fresh coffee on hand when I went in. While they don’t offer sandwiches or a lot of other goodies, Dewey’s wife makes cornbread and chili in the winter for snowmobile season.

Either place should satisfy your coffee cravings when in northern Door County, and I recommend them both. There are other coffee shops in Door County, but drink their coffee at your own risk.

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