CoffeeHaus - New Glarus, WI

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CoffeeHaus - New Glarus, WI

CoffeeHausNOTE: This is from a little over a year ago. I mean to post it after I wrote it, but forgot, and it just sat in cyberspace. All info is still valid.

So there I was, in New Glarus Wisconsin last weekend. Started out with a couple local beers at a restaurant, continued on to a local brewery tour, and went on to Oktoberfest. Needless to say after a couple hours of that, I was half in the bag, and the wife was none too happy. So we’re walking to our car, and spot the CoffeeHaus. The wife quickly agreed to a cup of joe, hoping it would sober me up a little.

We both got our preferred drinks; hers a foofy drink, and me a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso. I was happy to say that it did the trick of at least making me feel more alert, if not more sober. The coffee was good, but more than that, the coffee was a good price. Normally for my drink at Starbucks, I think I pay around $3, but at the CoffeeHaus, it was much cheaper; I don’t totally remember the price, but remember thinking that this is a much more reasonable price to pay.

So what the hell is my point? I really don’t know, except that if you’re ever in New Glarus for the beer (and it is really good) stop at the CoffeeHaus for a good cup of coffee at a good price. Very friendly people and they get their beans from Victor Allen, who does a lot of roasting in the Madison area.

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