Chemex from Santa!!

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Chemex from Santa!!

ChemexWell, I must have been at least a little good this year, because this morning under the tree, I found a Chemex glass coffeemaker. I first saw these on and they looked and sounded like another good alternative to the electric coffeemaker, which is always good.

I’ve pretty much given up using the electric in favor of either the french press or Aerobie. The Chemex is yet another way to get great coffee, but unlike the french press, you don’t get all the sludge, since it uses a pretty fine filter. The filter also filters out some of the oil, but does not take away from the taste. My first pot was a very smooth and full bodied cup of coffee. The filters are a little thicker than regular paper filters that are used in an electric coffee maker, and I actually reused one.

The Chemex is a drip coffee maker and takes as long to brew as a french press. There is no real steeping involved, but you add water to the grounds slowly, not all at once. That whole process takes a couple minutes, but not any longer than any other process of making coffee. The first pot I made was with beans ground a little too fine for this, and it took a while, but worked well with a more coarse grind, about the same as you would use for a french press.

I really like the coffee I get from this product. If you like the sludge and everything else that comes from coffee in its purest form, this may not be for you, but this delivers good, smooth coffee, while keeping the flavor of the beans.

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