Caribou Coffee Rainforest Blend

Image credit: WeGraphics

Caribou Coffee Rainforest Blend

Caribou Coffee Rainforest BlendMade with real tree frogs, I imagine. This coffee quite possibly exudes the very best smell of any coffee I’ve smelled.

The aroma is complex, but accurately described on the label: “This certified organic blend marries the juicy intensity of fresh black grapes and subtle macadamia nut sweetness laced with chocolate…”

It’s not marked as a particularly dark roast, which is usually my favorite, but I do enjoy the full-bodied flavor very much. It’s also an organic and Fair-Trade coffee, which makes you feel good inside for purchasing/drinking.

When it comes to mass accessibility and corporate coffee companies, I have to say Caribou continues to impress. Their selections are more “varied” than those of Starbucks, whose very design mandates them to keeping a similar taste.

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