Braun Tassimo

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Braun Tassimo

TassimoI was skeptical about reviewing the Braun Tassimo Hot Beverage Station. I have used pod machines before and the results were always bad. I wanted to keep an open mind, even though the coffee I was about to drink, started out as concentrate in a plastic tub. However as a side note, I would rather drink coffee from a pod than coffee that started out in an animal’s colon (See below - Kopi Luwak). But that’s just me.

First off, the instructions that came with it were in French and I wasn’t able to find any online, although I didn’t really need them. My 8 year old was able to figure out how the pod fit into the machine, and from there, it’s just a press of a button. The first cup of coffee was pretty nasty, as was the espresso, and latte. I think that if the user was not a coffee connoisseur, it may suffice, but I roast my own beans, so this stuff didn’t cut it. It was on par with, oh say, gas station coffee.

My son, however did like the hot chocolate, so maybe they have something with a very expensive hot chocolate machine.

As far as other points about the machine, it is a cool looking machine, and makes a fast cup of coffee. It also seems like a low maintenance machine, although it does take up more counter space than the typical coffee machine.

Overall I would not recommend this machine for anyone who is a true lover of coffee. The different drinks (latte, espresso) are equally bad. It’s kind of a cool looking machine, but overall, not pleased with the product. If you’re looking for speed and caffeine, this might work, but a definite no-go in my book.

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