Arizona Brays over Bad Ass Coffee

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Arizona Brays over Bad Ass Coffee

Bad Ass CoffeeLet’s be honest, in the competitive world of coffee having an attention grabbing name is crucial. Faced with hundreds of choices and an olfactory overload walking through a coffee isle, many times a coffee choice comes down to the name that sounds the best.

When I first heard about “Bad Ass Coffee” I knew they had a name that would compel people to try their coffee.

I found myself instinctively wanting to buy it just to offer some bad ass coffee to my friends and family.

But like anything, what appeals to some infuriates others. That is the case in Arizona where a recently opened “Bad Add Coffee House” is causing quite the stir.

The Arizona Republic reports one such residents feelings:

“We all have small children . . . and we don’t want to swear around them,” Surprised mom Heather Sutton said. “Now, you drive down the street, and there’s a swear word on someone’s sign.”

Despite the fact that Bad Ass Coffee is based on a Hawaiian Legend, and used in the context to refer to a donkey, the collective wail to “Save the Children!” is being heard around the world (hey, it did make the internet).

Heather Sutton’s comments make me wonder if she understands that the word “ass” has another meaning other than its more derogatory reference to a derrière? Maybe this sign is a good opportunity for her and other residents to talk to their children, and teach them something about words with multiple meanings?

Some other words they might talk about could include — bitch (female dog), gay (happy), fag (cigarette), and why not touch upon the offending “ass” word while they are at it?

In the case of the “ass” word there is a great teaching guide they can use, its called the Holy Bible which uses this offending word seventy-six times (King James Version). Just how sensitive have we become as a society?

I have to say that I really enjoyed the Arizona Republic’s article. Apparently this is not the first time residents have responded to the word ass — Ass Kickin’ Hot Sauce has just learned to ignore the residents since coming to town in 1989.

Councilman Gary “Doc” Sullivan knows that this will not be the last time the residents get up in arms over a name, a dog grooming business has recently applied for a business license. Its name? Doggy Style.

Who knows, maybe it will invoke thoughts of Snoop Dog instead of its other meaning.

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