Victoria Beckham Coffee Fiasco

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Victoria Beckham Coffee Fiasco

I love celebrity gossip and the invented drama over the simplest of things. Sometimes it makes me laugh at the fickle/excentric/idiotic/funny behavior of the celebrity; and sometimes it makes my laugh at the idiocy of the paparazzi.

Its no surprise that I take an interest when I run across something on the RSS feeds that deals both a celebrity and coffee. It would seem that the UK paparazzi is up in arms over a perceived diva transgression made by none other than Victoria Beckham.

While visiting her father-in-law Ted Beckham at a hospital where he was recovering from a heart attack, Victoria caused quite the stir when she asked if a cup of coffee she was offered was made with tap water or bottled water.

When informed that the coffee was indeed made with tap water, she politely refused the offer with a “No, thank you.” Does this make her a diva or just someone who is concerned about water quality?

Or maybe she feels like many that coffee taste better when its made with filtered water and a gold filter. I know I do. A lot of people do. Coffee does taste better in general with filtered water. Does fuels this perception? Is it due to the purity of the water or the relative lack of discernible taste smell that bottled water generally has over tap water?

Maybe Victoria like all the other people who spend billions of dollars each year on bottled water thinks its better than tap water? If that’s the case I personally know a lot of divas.

But, it made me start to wonder about tap water versus bottled water. Is it safer? Is it better? I’ve always meant to do some reading on this topic but never really got around to it, but thanks to Victoria Beckham, I did. What I found was not what I expected.

According to the National Research Defense Council’s report — “Bottled Water: Pure Drink or Pure Hype?” the first thing that surprised me was the difference in control and testing requirements used for tap versus bottled water.

Just looking at this data its clear that tap water goes through much more stringent testing and oversight than any bottled water. What then fuels public perception of bottled water being better? Certainly marketing plays a big role. I mean who wouldn’t want to drink water that comes from a mountain spring in Switzerland over water from Lake Michigan?

The principle problem seems to stem from the fact that most tap water smells different or has a slightly different taste than bottled water. Add in the hype that has been beaten into our heads about bottled water being “pure” and its no wonder we look at these abnormal tastes and smells as an indication of a deficiency in water quality.

Looking over this post its funny how a UK gossip rag’s ranting over Victoria Beckham’s coffee snobbery sparked my exploration of bottled water versus tap water safety, this is sure to be a great discussion over coffee with friends. But what water will I use?

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