True Love of Coffee

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True Love of Coffee

Matisse CoffeeCoffee has prompted more discussions, and inspired more people that we might give it credit. It comes as no surprise then, that coffee has had an influence on the poetry of Barry Hurd.

On Barry’s blog — True Love of Coffee - A Blend for Every Taste. Barry chronicles his experiences in poetry. Barry writes in his About section:

In my years of navigating through various challenges I have come to believe that there is a “True Love of Coffee” within all of us.

I share in Barry’s belief that there is a muse within us all that can inspire us to a better understanding ourselves and the world around us. Whether we take the time to stop listen to our muse, is another story.

To that end I present for your enjoyment one of Barry’s poems. I highly encourage you to visit his site and read one of the 181 other coffee inspired pieces of poetry available on his site.

My Addiction to Coffee

I thought for a brief moment
about the taste on my lips, the lingering memory
of such tense emotions glancing off my most tender smile
I sigh, trying to breathe in the luscious aroma
as each second stretches into a thought of simple perfection
and my mind becomes lost in the innocence of my desire

The devil I think
could make only such enticing flavour, to make me so helpless
as my body yearns to consume it every waking hour
So wanting it penetrates my dreams and floods my gleeful slumber
with a desire so corrupting that I cannot discern
whether or not my mind is my own, or simply a victim to greed

Jealousy takes my hunger
and brushes it aside as my tongue lavishes itself in a feeling
that rides such a fine line between pain and perfection
as it burns my mouth, my tongue
yet it warms me down to the farthest reaches of my body
to the depth of my soul, it fills me with a flavour I cannot describe

I hold the thought, losing myself in the absence of clear logic
as the caffeine surges through me
and brings my body to life
as the rich mixture of addiction drips into my blood
to provide fuel for my chaotic desecration
and sinful yearning for more

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