Too Much Coffee Man

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Too Much Coffee Man

Too Much Coffee ManTake an illustrator, combine with excessive amounts of coffee, and you end up with the creative illustrations and comics of Shannon Wheeler.

Shannon’s illustrations are like fine espresso, there is nothing bland about here style and variation of content.

I find the adventures of her “Coffee Man” character quite amusing. Her site is flush with content, all of which she makes available for Free. Her “Tip Jar” has this say…

Sometimes you’re broke. Sometimes you’re flush. We understand. We like giving away the comics for free, all we ask is, if you’ve got an extra buck or two, toss it our way.

That way we can pay for these electrons and not have a ‘hit the frog and win an ipod’ ad up on the site. Think of this as a tip jar at the coffee shop and toss in a buck every now and again. Thanks. Shannon Wheeler, cartoonist.

I like that attitude, and given the amount of quality content she has on her site, its amazing that she provides it for Free. I for one found myself laughing at her Illustration # 034 - Coffee House.

Sure it cut a bit close to the bone as I looked at the various coffee items strewn in my kitchen, but that made it all the funnier. I highly encourage you to visit Too Much Coffee Man when you have the time. Its well worth the visit.

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