The Comforting Calm of Coffee

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The Comforting Calm of Coffee

Aerobie AeroPressI am constantly barraged with questions about why I love coffee. The questions as you can imagine tend to focus on parts of the whole. While this is not a problem in and of itself, they are not seeing the forest through the trees so to speak.

Coffee is about more than just taste and caffeine content. Its about comfort. Yes, coffee may very well be the single greatest comfort drink of all time.

It has the power to mend the broken spirit, heal fallen friendships, and give hope to those that have lost it. Coffee you see, is a catalyst for change in the human spirit.

Don’t believe me?

Ask a homeless person how they feel on a bitter February morning when you hand them a piping hot cup of coffee. Suddenly the world seems a little brighter, a little warmer.

Listen to the tension leave an employee’s voice as the drudgery of corporate life becomes a little easier to shoulder with each swallow of his or her coffee.

See the look in a soldiers eye as he or she sees reflections of home in the black pool of coffee held in their hands. There is no question in my mind that coffee comforts the soul in more ways than the one which so many will scream is its only redeeming value — Caffeine.

Caffeine is an enabler that strengthens the effect of coffee. It affects our minds and makes us feel more relaxed. This is true, this is fact.

But consider this — at no time in the above examples did I say what kind of coffee was being consumed. Whether it is regular or decaffeinated, coffee can and will comfort those who drink it. Too much of our culture, and too much of our history is intertwined with coffee for it not to have this effect.

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