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The Brew Crew

Brew StuffAs a professional coffee drinker, I’m often asked what’s the best way to make coffee or what method/device makes the best coffee. The answer…it depends.

The answer depends on many different things ranging from what’s available to you (electricity/stovetop) to how much time you have. For instance, when camping with no power, I’m pretty happy drinking coffee made either from a French press or an old percolator I can throw on the fire. The lower the tech, the better.

Another quick and easy method for brewing coffee when camping is the REI Double Shot Press Mug. It’s a coffee mug that has an internal press for straining the grounds. You put in your coffee, add hot water, let it steep for a couple minutes and press the handle down like a French press. It even has a little compartment for storing extra coffee, that screws into the bottom of the cup.

When I’m at home on the weekends I’ll spend as long as I need to make the wife and I some excellent coffee using the Chemex. If I’m at home and don’t have as much time, I’ll use the Bonavita BV1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker. The Chemex makes the best coffee, but takes a bit longer since you have to boil the water and pour it over the grounds manually. The Bonavita mimics this pour-over feature automatically, although makes slightly less coffee.

There are even times when I’ll resort to Starbucks instant coffee, which comes in handy when you’re unable to make a pot or cup of coffee. I add it to my bottled water, shake it up a little and I’ve got instant “iced” coffee.

It’s up to you as to how much time and effort you want to spend making coffee and what situation you’re in when you want a cup of joe. In my opinion, the more time spent making coffee, the better it will be, but we don’t always have that luxury. I guess the real difference is that some people consider making coffee work, while others consider it art. What about you?

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