Thank God for Coffee

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Thank God for Coffee

CalvinAs I sit here listening to my almost six year old son upstairs crying and ranting because he wants to wear something inappropriate for his pre-school moving up ceremony, I thank God for coffee.

Its dark embrace is somehow able to steel my nerves, its acidic bite is a welcome diversion to his antics. On the scale of tantrums, this one is definitely in the top ten.

So rather than getting upset and trying to rationalize with him, I decided to just let him have it out upstairs and come down and have myself a nice cup of crema coffee (really long espresso pull that you let fill a coffee cup).

I think parents need to find their nerve calmer, perspective giving food or drink when it comes to kids. For me its coffee, for my wife it might be tea, for others it might be chocolate. Find it friends, it will keep the molehills of life from becoming mountains.

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