Psychedelic Soiree Inspires Coffee Cupping Klatch

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Psychedelic Soiree Inspires Coffee Cupping Klatch

One of the simple joys of life is entertaining friends and family. There is something about seeing the content and carefree look on your friend’s faces when a party is in full swing. A personal satisfaction if you will, knowing that for the briefest of moments — they have forgotten about the world outside your home.

Tonight we hosted a “Tie-Dye” party for our friends. Over the summer we have been invited to so many fabulous parties, we just had to give something back. So we took a trip back to the 60’s and did some adult (chemical process) tie-dye and children friendly (Kool-aid) tie-dye.

In no time the tie-dye frenzy was over and cakes, brownies and other culinary delights were being consumed. It was the perfect time for coffee, and before long, my coffee pot was empty.

It hit me later was I was cleaning up the house, reflecting on the party and savoring the feeling of content exhaustion that comes from entertaining, that I need to have one more party this year — a coffee cupping party.

What is Coffee Cupping? Much like wine tasting, coffee cupping is a way for people to sample and evaluate coffee in a controlled and comparative environment. There is a fantastic Coffee Cupping Guide on Coffee Geek that I think anyone interested in coffee cupping should review.

Coffee Taste Wheel

I think that hosting a coffee cupping would be a great way for people who love coffee to experience it in a completely new and different way. If you think about it, under normal situations we usually only drink one kind of coffee, from one region at a time (emphasis on usually).

A cupping would allow an intense review of either several different kinds of coffee from the same region, or several different kinds of coffee from different regions. Of the two, I think the later would be more interesting for people (myself included), whose coffee palates are just beginning to develop.

Great coffee, great discussions, and great pastries would of course follow the formal cupping experience. If you have even been to, or hosted a coffee cupping, we would love to hear about your experience.

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