Paleo Friendly Coffee Creamers

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Paleo Friendly Coffee Creamers

Heavy Whipping CreamA few months ago I started a paleo diet at the suggestion of my doctor. My blood sugar had gone from gradually worsening to - “Oh Shit!” My doctor didn’t pull any punches. Paleo, or the “Caveman” diet follows some pretty simple rules. The image below summarizes Paleo nicely.

One thing impacted by going paleo has been my coffee. No, I haven’t stopped drinking coffee. I have however had to make some adjustment. I’ve gone back to the basics. Black coffee. No sugar. No creamer.

Frappachinos? Holiday Themed Lattes? Mocha Lattes?

All gone and for good reason. They are after all nothing but sugar masquerading as coffee. But as much as I love black coffee, sometimes I need to cut it with something else. Here are some of the more paleo “friendly” coffee cutters that I tried.

Unsweetened Almond Milk

At first I tried unsweetened almond milk. Almond milk as you might imagine is made from ground almonds. If its unsweetened its lower in calories than other milks, and is cholesterol, saturated fat and lactose free. It’s a decent source of vitamins A & D but isn’t a replacement for calcium.

Almond milk is also more watery that milk so while it technically works, I almost found it less enjoyable than just drinking the coffee black.

Full Fat Coconut Milk

Next I decided to see if I would like coconut milk (full fat, not coconut water) in my coffee. I often use coconut milk in smoothies I make in our NutriBullet. Compared to almond milk, coconut milk is much more viscous. It definitely feels thicker than milk.

But, I just didn’t like it. The underlying coconut flavor I found to be a too overpowering for my taste. It also didn’t mix as well as I would have liked without a some kind of frothing device.

Heavy Whipping Cream

It was then that I ran across a post on that would change my life. The post was about heavy whipping cream and how it is considered paleo when used in moderation.

Heavy Whipping CreamHeavy Whipping Cream is almost exclusively fat. It has almost no protein value (milk by contract contains casein which is a protein), and a minor amount of carbohydrates (milk has lactose which is a sugar). Up until that point I had never even thought of using it in coffee.

Let me just say that it was a mind blowing experience. To give you some context, if regular coffee creamer, half and half, etc. is a piece of Hershey Kiss, heavy whipping cream is like Ghirardelli chocolate. Rich, creamy, insanely good. All I might say without impacting the overall flavor of the coffee.

In paleo circles heavy whipping cream is a good source of fat for the diet, and it’s a favorite in coffee for reasons I now am familiar with. While I don’t advocate using it for every cup of coffee as it does have calories that could quickly add up if you drink a lot of coffee, its an excellent way to start or end a day.

For those interested in paleo, here is a nice overview of what it entails. I’ve been on it for three months and just got my first blood test results back. While results will vary from person to person, by going to a paleo diet check out the results:

  • Trigylcerides decreased by 53.32%
  • Fasting Glucose decreased by 24.26%
  • Estimated Average Glucose decreased by 26.49%
  • Total Bilirubin decreased by 26.67%

Paleo Overview

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