McDonald’s WiFi

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McDonald’s WiFi

WifiPerusing the coffee news this morning I ran across something interesting on the Guardian Unlimited about McDonald’s recent announcement that Wi-Fi would be coming to it’s stores in the UK.

The article goes on to talk about how McDonald’s Wi-Fi can save it patrons, up to 260 pounds a year if they use McDonald’s free Wi-Fi over that offered at a cost at many UK coffee houses.

Now ordinarily news like this would get me fired up, its no secret that I am a proponent for independent coffee houses, they offer a coffee cultural experience that corporate coffee chains, much less McDonald’s could ever hope to provide.

The Guardian article made mention of U.S. hot spots which was a bit of a surprise to me. A bit of investigation led me to McDonald’s Worldwide Wireless Connectivity Location page. I was shocked to learn that four of the five closest McDonald’s location near me offer Wi-Fi.

I suppose the McDonald’s Wi-Fi threat has never really been a threat here in the U.S. because most if not all coffee houses here offer free Wi-Fi. If UK coffee houses are still trying to supplement their earnings with Wi-Fi charges, this may be the time to rethink those policies.

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