It’s all about the Coffee.. [Repeat]

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It’s all about the Coffee.. [Repeat]

In my head I find myself chanting — “It’s all about the coffee” over and over again. And yet, another side of me says not to discount what culture brings to the coffee drinking experience. I myself have ranted often about the decline of coffee culture, and called for the support of local independent coffee houses.

Sweet Spot

To that end I feel the need to support a new trend in independent coffee houses, a trend that the L.A. Times has dubbed — “Sexpresso”. Yes, Sex + Espresso… Sexpresso. It seems to simple, but sometimes the simplest of ideas are pure genius.

Venues with names like “The Sweet Spot Cafe” and “Cowgirls Espresso” have redefined the standards by which it hires its baristas.

In addition to excellent espresso skills (I refrain from talking about the crema), its “Sexpresso” baristas should be as comfortable in the Playboy Mansion as they are frothing milk for a cappuccino.

While I have never been a fan of coffee chains, I am willing to explore the “Sexpresso” coffee trend in great detail for the benefit of the Brotherhood of the Bean readership… At least that is what I am going to try and get my wife to believe.

It’s all about the Brotherhood of the Bean… It’s all about the Brotherhood of the Bean. Damn.. she didn’t buy it. Ah well, no one can say I didn’t give it a shot.

I’d like to encourage everyone to read the original L.A. Times article.

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