Don’t F*CK with Columbia

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Don’t F*CK with Columbia

Homer ValdezColumbia has a lot going against it. Massive drug cartels, rampant violent, poverty, etc. It’s one shining light of goodness is it’s coffee trade — and nothing personifies that trade like Juan Valdez.

Everyone knows him, we grew up on his commercials felt a kinship with him, his donkey and his sack of coffee beans. In Columbia he is an icon, and when that icon is messed with, Columbia’s claws come out.

Mike Peter’s has found himself on the receiving end of a lawsuit over his cartoon (above) that lampoons good old Juan Valdez. According to a report from the Associated Press:

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation says it will sue “Mother Goose & Grimm” cartoonist Mike Peters “for damage and harm, detriment to intellectual property and defamation.”

Damages which add up to heft $20 million dollars. Peters was quoted as saying:

Peters told the AP Wednesday he loves Colombian coffee and did not intend any offense.

All I have to say is “Yikes!” and I’d like to point out how much we love Juan Valdez.

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