Digital Coffee Houses

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Digital Coffee Houses

Digital Coffee HousesWhat is the digital equivalent of a Coffee House? In my opinion it would be the trusty, tried and true — Blog. Yes, I know what you are thinking…

How many cups of espresso did he drink?

The answer of course is always — not enough! But seriously, consider these interesting correlations and you might be able to see where I am coming from:

Author vs. Owner - In most instances, both a blog and a coffee house have a single principle owner. It is this individuality of ownerships that sparks creative individuality. Think about it, how many blogs are the exact same in content, style or feel? How many coffee shops look the same?

Blog Content vs. Menu Items - Ahh, here we get into interesting territory! Blogs are not static, they change on a daily basis, they morph and grow as comments are added, they lack the corporate rigidity of “corporate” websites. Coffee houses too are subject to change — new coffees are offered, the menu is in a constant state of flux, and great googilly moogily! The pastries are freshly made.

Guest Authors vs. Musicians, Poets & Art - Blogs will many times add guest authors to their mix to keep perspectives fresh. In similar ways many coffee houses host open mic nights, have poetry readings, feature local artists among other activities. The coffee house becomes a social destination rather than merely a stopover on the way to another venue.

The Blogsphere vs. Coffee House Culture - I find the infinite spacial nature of blogging versus the condensed social space of the coffee house to be an study in opposites.

Here is my fear — While I see the blogging world expanding at a exponential rate, so too do I see the clogging of the coffee world’s arteries with corporate coffee chains which threaten to choke out of existence numerous independent coffee houses.

I can only hope as the corporate coffee chains continue to raise the public awareness of coffee, that people will have their eyes opened to what they are missing by not visiting an independent coffee house. What better way to communicate this than through.. you guessed it.. a Blog.

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