Coffee… I Curse thy Name!

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Coffee… I Curse thy Name!

And a collective gasp was heard across the Internet. Can it be true, did he just say… Yes friends, tonight I curse the very Coffee I love. And why you may ask?

Hot Cinnamon Espresso - Two shots of Espresso, one scoop of Cinnamon Ice Cream, Whole Milk and Whipped Cream topped off with more Cinnamon sprinkles… Dee-Lish!

Sound good doesn’t it? Let me tell you, it was divine. So why am I mad? I am mad at myself for straying from my diet. Some sacrifices must be made for the pursuit of coffee, this was one such sacrifice.

Now you might be thinking, big deal.. coffee from an ice cream shop. And I admit, I was skeptical at first myself. Sure I knew the ice cream would be out of this world, and since I get their milk delivered to my house I knew it too would be good.

But espresso? In an ice cream shop? Somewhere in Italy there is a barista crying at this perceived sacrilege.. So what made me try it.. the Hardware had me at hello.

Sitting behind the counter was a brand spanking new Franke Evolution 1-Step Espresso Machine. Now I had heard of this maker, but never seen one in person.

Franke Evolution

Suddenly the cinnamon ice cream that had my wife and I anxiously awaiting became the least thing on our minds. Well, on mind at least.

The Franke Evolution is one serious espresso machine. Whole Latte Love lists this espresso machine at a whopping $18,405.00! Not what I would have expected to see in an Oberweis Ice Cream/Dairy Store.

I have to say, that the Hot Cinnamon Espresso is an excellent desert coffee. They have successfully combined my two favorite things — great espresso and amazing ice cream. How can it be wrong? Now if I could just convince my waistline…

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