Coffee Entertaining — Simple & Satisfying

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Coffee Entertaining — Simple & Satisfying

Coffee TalkSo many times when I think about the cultural aspects of coffee I tend to focus on the atmosphere, the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, and the possibility of making new ones.

Call it “Cultural Coffee Consumerism” — the act of consumption is the primary focus and for the most part we remain disconnected from the coffee making process aside from any interactions we might have with the barista.

You and I both know how satisfying a coffee house experience can be to all those involved. Its an opportunity to reconnect and share, and an opportunity to meet new people. But is this all that the coffee experience has to offer?

What about the act of making coffee? What social benefit does it give if any? Does the act of making coffee add anything to the overall experience for either the coffee maker or the coffee consumers? I believe it can.

This weekend we had a friend of ours over who loves to cook. She does the kind of cooking that makes your eyes flutter, decadent culinary treats the avoid terms like “low fat” and “healthy”. On the menu was stuffed French toast and egg casserole.

My contribution to this event was going to be freshly made cappuccinos. I happily dove into the task at hand and found myself getting emotionally invested in the act of making coffee for our guest cook, my wife and mother-in-law. Just knowing how much they would enjoy the cappuccinos caused me to enjoy the act of making the cappuccinos for them. I was having fun, and I felt a warm glow inside.

I’ve felt this same kind of glow before when volunteering with my wife at a homeless shelter. I think there is just something about doing something for another person out of the goodness of your heart that can make a person feel amazing.

So I took my time, and made some of the best cappuccinos I have ever made for all of us and I had fun doing it. Take my advice, have some friends over for coffee.

Make it a special event, do something interesting, become emotionally invested in serving coffee for your friends — you might just be surprised how it makes you feel.

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