Brown Sugar Simplicity

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Brown Sugar Simplicity

Brown SugarA few weeks ago we were at our friends Megan and Matt’s house and the discussion invariably turned to coffee (imagine that). Megan mentioned that they liked to put brown sugar in their coffee.

Brown Sugar — What makes you taste so good? – Rolling Stones

She explained that they had heard Matthew McConaughey say in an interview that he liked to put brown sugar in his coffee. And after trying it, they found it to be something they really enjoyed.

I honestly had never thought of using brown sugar, but I filed it away as something to try. Last night at another social gathering (a southern catfish fry — so good!), Megan let me try her brown sugar sweetened coffee.

It really was a nice change of pace, the hint of molasses that the brown sugar adds to the coffee is not overpowering as I expected it might be. If you are up for something different, consider giving brown sugar a try. I for one will be using it from time to time.

Granulated Sugar: Pure white crystalline sucrose, ground to fine granules, either from sugar beets or sugar cane.

Brown Sugar: Same as refined sucrose but with some of the molasses returned to it (3.5% to 6.5%)

Molasses: A by-product of refining sugar cane, molasses is a thick syrup containing about 50% sucrose. It is the liquid separated from sugar crystals during the first stages of refining. Unsulfured molasses has not been treated with sulfur dioxide.

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