Undercover Donut Surveillance Sting

Image credit: WeGraphics

Undercover Donut Surveillance Sting

WiggumThe Valero Nice N Easy coffee and donut shop had an epidemic on their hands — Donuts were going missing, disappearing actually from under the manager’s noses. Even the strong police presence in the shop which they kept strong by comping their coffee did little to deter the theft.

It was then that the manager’s decided to undertake their own private sting operation. Through the use of high tech video surveillance hardware they managed to catch the crook on tape. As soon as the trap was set, the thief was caught on camera.

Shock and outrage were no doubt felt when they reviewed the tape that first fateful night. So rather than blow the whistles they waited, and collected more video evidence.

All in all 21 thefts were recorded, the $1.29 donuts brought the grand total to just under $30 stolen. The culprit? A student? A homeless man? A bored suburban housewife trying to get her thrills with a little shoplifting? Hardly.

The thief was none other than police officer Sgt. Steve Brody of Morrisville State College. So much for serving and protecting.

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