Topless Coffee Shop — Got Milk?

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Topless Coffee Shop — Got Milk?

Coffee shops by and by tend to gel into a few usual themes. Some look to be artsy, some folksy, cozy, hip, young, urban, etc. etc. etc. All of which is fine, I mean who doesn’t enjoy those themes, they bring a fun casual feel to things and there is nothing better than drinking a fine cup of Joe in any of its many iterations in a nice big leather chair.

Topless Coffee Bar

But one coffee house has decided to go another route, an eye opening route that will shake away the sleep from your eyes better than any double espresso — Topless coffee shop waitresses.

Yes, topless. These brave young ladies who will risk scalding hot coffee burns and the inevitable snickers that will arise from asking their patrons if they want cream with their coffee should not be vilified, but rather applauded for their courage to expand upon the arts in a way not done before in the U.S. of A.

As the Vassalboro Maine Planning Board considered this permit request, a few things they might consider…

Great resource for Art Students - With the declining economy many colleges are forced to cut back on the models they have available for life drawing, college art professors could have field expeditions to this shop and kill two birds with one stone.

Better Environment for the Elderly - Reduction in clothing equals increase in heating. No longer will Grandpa be forced to shiver in a cold Starbucks.

Its Green - Such a store would reduce the need for certain adult publications, it would encourage local shopping and reduce paper consumption. Bonus, bonus, bonus.

Whatever the result may be, I am fairly certain that the shop will not look like the place you see above, at least we can hope it won’t!

1/7/2009 Update - The permit has been approved.

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