The First Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee

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The First Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee

DaterraTempted by decaffeinated coffee? Thinking of making the switch because of high blood pressure or other health concerns? Unable to get past the thought of drinking coffee that has been made from beans that might have has sat in methylene chloride or ethyl acetate for ten plus hours?

If the answered yes to any of these questions, the time to make the switch may have finally come.

The Brazilian coffee company Daterra has announced recently that they have created a naturally decaffeinated coffee. It took over twelve and a half years of natural breeding (no genetic modification, done the old fashion way) but they have succeeded in producing a 100% Arabica coffee that has only 1% caffeine!

The Opus 1 Exotic coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified, ISO 14001, and Utz Kapeh certified and poses no threats to the environment like other GMO products.

The time and money invested to succeed in this project must have been staggering. With the bevy of decaffeinating processes available today seeing a project like this succeed it truly amazing. And not surprising given this information about Daterra from their press release:

“Daterra started 20 years ago as a project of premium and sustainable agricultural products. Today, 100% of the agricultural business of Daterra is coffee. Its vision is to preserve the planet and protect its people. These are the seeds for a better world and great coffee. Daterra’s values revolve around massive investment in research, quality improvement, solid partnerships and responsible governance, environmental protection, and social development. Daterra grows its own seedlings and uses organic composting in 100% of the plantation. Daterra coffees participated as finalists in two Cup of Excellence competitions and were the coffee of choice of the 2005 and 2006 World Barista Champions. “

This is certainly a coffee company to keep an eye on in years to come.

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