The Black Gold Movie

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The Black Gold Movie

Black Gold MovieFrom Daniel Ehniss’ Blog depone I caught whiff of the Black Gold — Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Movie.

Black Gold Movie

Black Gold is a movie that reveals the world of coffee that most people don’t even know exists. Its a world of where multinational companies profit is in the billions, and a world where the coffee farmers are forced to live in abject poverty.

Here is a little Life Tip that Starbucks can add to its Coffee Cups — For every $3.00 cup of coffee, the average coffee farmer is paid three cents. Its amazing how that feel good fact is left out.

I would like to encourage readers of Brotherhood of the Bean to visit the Black Gold site, watch the trailer and read the story. It might change the way you think about coffee, and might motivate the world to help these farmers earn a decent wage.

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