Starbucks Recalls Dangerous Childrens Mug

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Starbucks Recalls Dangerous Childrens Mug

Starbucks has announced a voluntary recall of 250,000 plastic drinking cups designed for children. Starbucks joins the ever growing list of U.S. companies had to recall products from China due to faulty material and safety issues.

To date Starbucks has received seven reports of the cups breaking, including two where the children started to choke. Luckily none of these incidents have been fatal.

Starbucks Recall

There are four ten once cup designs that are being recalled, they are:

  • Red Ladybug
  • Green Turtle
  • Pink Bunny
  • Yellow Chick

Back in August, 2006 Starbucks recalled 73,000 coffee makers made in China, yet despite this incident a Starbucks spokesman is quoted on MSNBC as describing the incident as:

“… an isolated incident and said the company had no plans to change its current product sourcing practices.”

When I read this statement I was not filled with a warm fuzzy feeling that Starbucks is taking this situation seriously enough. For your trouble Starbucks will give you a free cup of coffee when you return one of the cups in question. Gee, don’t I feel cared for.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission the mug faces on these cups can break off exposing sharp edged, or have broken apart causing a choking hazard.

While only coffee related due to its association with Starbucks I wanted to make sure you knew about this recall. I myself think we may have bought one of the ladybug cups and if I have bought it, there is a chance that you have bought it. Better safe than sorry! Please share this info with your coffee drinking friends.

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