Killer Coffee

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Killer Coffee

Killer CoffeeUsually I would associate “killer coffee” with some damn good brew made with a choice selection of beans. However in Williamsport, PA one woman’s plans for her ex-husband included cocaine spiked coffee.

According to the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, a bitter, no.. make that very bitter woman over her divorced came up with a plan to kill her husband. Her plan was to have his coffee spiked with cocaine to hopefully induce a heart attack. The poor fellow did have a bad ticker after all.

However, in what surely could make this woman a contender for a Darwin Award, she decided the best way to accomplish this murder would be to ask her ex-husband’s girlfriend to do the deed.

Needless to say, the police were notified. The drugs were allegedly give to the current girlfriend, several days later she called the ex-wife to tell her that she put the cocaine in his coffee and he was dead. The conversation — and the false information — was recorded.

Patricia Reiman was charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder, plus other offenses. The good news for Patricia is that I heard the coffee in the Williamsport County jail is killer.

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