Espresso Bar Transformer

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Espresso Bar Transformer

There is a transformer in New York City’s Columbus Circe. Its more than meets the eye. It looks like an unassuming shipping container — All that adorns it is an a sign that says “Illy”. But watch closely and you just might get to see it transform into an espresso bar.

Illy Transformer 1

From November 28th to December 29th this unique espresso bar will be available for your viewing and tasting enjoyment. Serving the Illy take on the pod coffee system, a free espresso will be yours for the taking if you stop by to see Illy’s take on Adam Kalkin’s “Quik House”.

Illy Transformer 2

Who is Adam Kalkin? A noted architect whose contemporary designs turn conventional shipping containers into usable living space. Normally the “Quik House” has three bedrooms and two and a half baths with a 2,000 square foot floor plan. The shell just takes a single day to put together, from start to finish the entire building can be completed in two to three months.

Illy Transformer 3

I have to hand it to Illy for coming up with unique and functional marketing idea. This really comes as no surprise to me given Illy’s unique vision of what a coffee house should resemble. Just take a look at the Illy website and its clear that they offer an uniquely European view of coffee and espresso.

While I have never had the opportunity to try their pod coffee, I have tried their traditional coffee offerings and have enjoyed them immensely. Its times like this that I wish I had a travel budget so I could fly out and see this concept coffee bar. If you are a Brotherhood of the Bean reader in New York City, I hope you will go to Columbus Circle in November and post your review.

Props to Gizmodo for getting the scoop on this, great site worth a read!

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