Coffee Spoof Infuriates Mormons

Image credit: WeGraphics

Coffee Spoof Infuriates Mormons

About a year ago a coffee shop in Utah called “Just Add Coffee” came up with a unique merchandising idea.

As independent coffee shops often find themselves struggling to stay afloat, unique ideas are often the things that keep the cash flow rolling.

They decided to take an image of an angel blowing a trumpet and picture the hand of God pouring coffee into the trumpet. Given that the business is named “Just Add Coffee”, such an image would be both an advertisement and a message to those seeing it.

A unique idea that I am sure they felt might appeal to some of their religious patrons who have a sense of humor. And for a year, it did.

Eventually the Mormon Church caught wind of the parody and swiftly brewed up a special pot of “Cease and Desist” coffee for the owners. The reason for the “Cease and Desist” request — Trademark violation.

It turns out that the angel chosen for the “Just Add Coffee” parody is an official trademark of the Mormon church. Lesson learned.

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