Coffee Fuels More than You

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Coffee Fuels More than You

Java LogNothing beats away the winter chill than a warm crackling fire in the fireplace. You casually grab a log of coffee and throw it on the fire. Its warm … wait, log of coffee?

Seems odd to consider, but has been selling condensed logs of used coffee grounds since 1998. According to Rod Sprules, the inventor of the Java-Log, the condensed Java-Logs:

Better/Brighter Flames - more natural flame from coffee than other manufactured firelogs; Coffee has about 25% more energy than wood and triple the flame per unit of energy.

Better Scent - a faint sweet aroma, but most importantly it has “NO CHEMICAL SMELL” associated with other manufactured logs.

Clean burning - Java-logs produce significantly fewer emissions than firewood:

96% less residue after combustion  
85% less carbon monoxide  
86% less creosote deposits  
31% less particulate matter  

Source: OMNI Consulting Services, Inc.

Easy to light - With just one match you can light both sides of the product paper, then sit back and watch your fire grow.

Better for the Environment - less landfill waste, saves trees.

Better for your Chimney - Naturally made with substantially less wax than wood-based fire-logs, Java-Logs produce significantly less soot build-up than wood.

Burns 2-3 Hours - the same amount of time as other firelogs of the same size.

Coffee it would seem can keep us warm in more ways than one. I plan on buying some of these logs for an upcoming camping trip. A more detailed review will follow. Thank you for bringing to my attention!

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