Blue Mountain Coffee to Privatize

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Blue Mountain Coffee to Privatize

Blue MountainNews agencies around the world have announced that the Government of Jamaica will be divesting its stake in Blue Mountain Coffee.

After making assurances that the privatization effort will be stand open to scrutiny and be fair equitable and objective. The Jamaica Gleaner News reports that Minister Roger Clarke described the private sector as “the engine of growth”. According the the Jamaica Gleaner News Minister Clarke went on to say:

“…that it was no longer considered necessary for the state to play as substantial a role as it traditionally has, in the production and marketing of coffee. The Government’s role should be restricted to being a facilitator and regulator.”

Given the reputation of Blue Mountain Coffee as being one of, if not the best coffees in the world, this change comes as somewhat of a shock to me. The Jamaican Coffee Board will continue to regulate coffee production and maintain its strict quality control measures.

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