Assault with a Deadly Coffee Cup

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Assault with a Deadly Coffee Cup

Fade from black. Queue theme song: “Bad boys, Bad boys, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when the Java comes for you.” Queue Announcer: “Tonight on “Cups” a tale of interoffice anger, confrontation and assault with a deadly Coffee cup. Tonight on “Cups”! Fade to Brotherhood of the Bean host.

Coffee Anger

Seriously, I have only had three cups of coffee today. Aside from the general amusement gained from this parody of the television show Cops, this is actually a true story.

While out exploring the net today I ran across this news report on the Australian News Site. Apparently an elder college teacher flew into a fit of rage over a schedule change and decided that the best solution to the issue was to smash his coffee cup against his colleague of eight year’s head.

Somehow, said college teacher was acquitted of the crime. His lawyers successfully argued that the smashee was the aggressor. It would seem that the working environment had been “tainted with tension” at the time.

Our advice to the college in question — Switch to Decaf and ban anything other than Styrofoam cups.

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