About this Site

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About this Site

A long time ago (by Internet standards) there was a website called Brotherhood of the Bean. It was a website fueled by coffee addicts. Those addicts included myself (the owner), Dan Marchik (my old Army buddy) and a fellow lover of coffee named Olaf (yes, I knew an Olaf before the Frozen movie). We drank coffee like there was no tomorrow and savored writing about our experiences.

And then, Brotherhood of the Bean was hacked, well WordPress was, and I just didn’t have the energy to do much more that quarantine the entire mess.

Time passed, and even more coffee was consumed. The lunar eclipse on 9/28/15 provided the omen I needed, Brotherhood of the Bean would be reborn as CoffeeDrinkers.org. Old posts were harvested back to their former glory, and new content began to percolate.

If you are an old reader of Brotherhood of the Bean, welcome back. If you are a new reader, welcome friend.

That being said, you will notice that this site isn’t peppered with advertising (we don’t use any at all), there is no click-baiting, no annoying pagination of posts to maximize the number of ads you see.


First and foremost, I find it annoying a hell. And hell is the least offensive word I would use. I work full-time, this is not a source of revenue. I, and my friends post here because we love Coffee. Thats it.

If you are a vendor and would like an honest review of your product, email me at [email protected]. If you send me something, either myself or one of my cohorts will review it. If you want the item back, just send along a return postage slip (no, I won’t pay to return your item, but but if you would like to, we are happy to oblige).

Also, if you have something you want to write a review for, fantastic! Email me your review, any pictures etc. and I’ll consider it for inclusion on the site (send an author photo at well please).

So let’s chat about coffee. Hell let’s have a cup of coffee while we do.

-Stephen Lange